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Castleville Help
Q: How do I contact Zynga to report a problem with my Castleville account or for technical issues and support?

A: The general Zynga Support can be reached here at the Zynga Castleville Legends Support Page. If you need to submit a specific claim you must register or create an account with Zynga Support or use Facebook Connect.

You might also consider visiting the Zynga Forums for Castleville Legends players at this web link.

Note: If you are a VIP player look for the 'Live Chat Support" or "Email Us" options on the Zynga Castleville Legends support page. You'll be immediately helped by a representative.

Q: How do I become a VIP player?

A: You must spend at least $100 on crowns or other features a month in order to be considered. Afterwards it depends on how much you continue spending each week. A Zynga employee will then contact you via email about joining the VIP program.
Q: Are there different levels of support?

A: Yes! Zynga currently has a 3-tier system of support for their players.

Non-Payer - A player that does not spend money on the game
Payer - A player that spends a small amount of money.
VIP - A player that spends more than $100 on a regular basis.

A Non-Payer's access of support is: Forums, Ask a Player
A Payer's access of support is: Email(within three days), Forums, Ask a Player.
A VIPs access of support is: Live Chat with a special VIP rep, VIP email/phone support, Monthly gifts, a real life gift sent to your home. As well as the standard Forums, and Ask a Player venues.

Q: I have been wrongly charged on my credit card or did not receive the crowns that I purchased, how do I get this resolved?

A: For any Billing questions regarding Castleville, you may contact Zynga’s Billing Department directly by phone. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including holidays) for billing related issues only. Zynga's hotline can be reached at 1-800-762-2530 or by sending them an email via their Customer Service Website at Zynga Billing Support.

Q: How do I take a picture of my castle on my PC?

A: To take a picture of your entire castle (aerial) or zoomed in portion of your castle, first get the desired position of your land. Then, press your keyboard’s “Print Screen” (PRT SCN) key. You can easily copy/paste this into an editing program if you need to crop your picture. A simple program such as Microsoft Paint will work for this and will also allow you to save your castle as a picture, JPEG is preferred when sending in any submissions for Castleville Legends.

Q: How long is a day in Castleville Legends?

A: A day in Castleville Legends is approximately 18 hours.

Q: How do I take a picture on my mobile device?

A: Depends on whether you use an Andriod or an IOS:

For Android: Zynga's Guide to Snapshots for Android

For IOS: Zynga's Guide to Snapshots for IOS

Q: What happened to my Galvorn Forge and Gray Adamant Mine?

A: If you've recently logged into your CastleVille Legends game you will notice that the buildings are gone from your kingdom. Unfortunately, this is not a bug nor a glitch. Since the Magnus VS Giovanni event is now over the Zynga team has decided to remove the buildings. Their reasoning behind this is that the buildings were temporary to make space/room for our other workshops and decorations.

Q: Do the parts of each chapter unlock at the same time for every player or does a certain amount of time have to elapse from the time you finish a previous part before the next will open?

A: Some events will unlock the quest parts as soon as you finish it. However other events will have quest parts unlock via the schedule that the CastleVille Legends team has setup for each timezone.

Q: I craft an item and it did not count toward my quest.

A. There are a couple of things that could have happened there. The quest perhaps wasn't activated or the game was still in process of loading. Check out this support page for more information:

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