A Glitter of Bluebelle

CastleVille Legends Bluebelle
Hi Royals,

how have you all been doing lately? Summer has arrived and brings along with it some blistering heat! I have to admit that I much prefer colder weather. Humidity is the worst. Oh, joy of joys. I found a new toy to play around with in my graphics program. Bluebelle is now my test subject. Ha!
CastleVille Legends Bluebelle
Hopefully the picture shows up with the animations. I added glitter, a smoke and steam effect where Bramble is standing. Then I played around with Bluebelle's hair, waist, and wings. I think I like the overall look. Now I wish there was a CastleVille Legends cartoon movie. Yep, I'm still missing it greatly but that's how much of a silly fan I was to the game.

Be safe out there and remember;

Happy Playing!

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