CastleVille Legends: Hope Never Dies

CastleVille Legends
For those loyal to CVL: Keep being Strong
Royals of CastleVille Legends,

Silly as it may seem I am still holding onto the fervent hope that CastleVille Legends will return to our mobile devices. I know that I am not the only one either. The amount of success and sizeable fanbase this franchise had carried with it was something to behold. And this little game was under the management of a small team of developers that weren't given access to all the resources available to the FarmVille teams. Imagine if it was given a full chance to shine and the CVL team would be allowed to bring out the best in CVL. We would have an even better game that we would be willing to support.

If this sounds all a bit strange to suddenly say out of the blue? Well, I can only say at the moment to the loyal CastleVille Legends players out there --- RAISE YOUR VOICES. Keep sending emails, creating videos of your gameplay on Youtube, and tweet to Zynga that you are wanting this game to make a comeback. Do not give up because believe it or not; they are listening. Anyways I cannot say more then that so please, please ---

Keep holding on to that hope, fellow rulers because if we continue showing support for this game then perhaps something wonderful may happen. Understand that this is not a promise but a plea for you all to keep the spirit of CastleVille Legends alive.

Together we can make the Legend happen!

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