CastleVille Legends: Happy Thanksgiving Royals

CastleVille Legends

Dear Royals, although we no longer have our beloved CastleVille Legends game with us. I hope that you find other things to be thankful for this holiday. It took quite a bit of digging around in my file folders but this might interest a few loyal fans. During November there were a few holiday quests that came up during this time of the year.

CVL quest: Autumn Feast
Release date: Nov 2014

CastleVille Legends
 The quest begins for all Royals that were at level 10 with this introduction screen by Rafael. He's dressed pretty nicely isn't he? I believe he's still wearing his costume from Halloween. The developers weren't very proactive with these kinds of things.
CastleVille Legends
Place 2 Log Benches anywhere on your land. The log benches were found in the Marketplace under the Decorations tab.

Place 2 Wine Tables anywhere on your land. These were also purchased for coins in the Marketplace in the Decorations section.

Craft 4 Opal-studded cups. These were created with opals at the Jeweler. Don't quote me on that one it's been a long time. (sobs sobs)
CastleVille Legends
The quest reward was a nice chunk of experience to help your castle grow. I sure do miss the game. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this flashback. Happy Thanksgiving. May your tummies be filled and your castle be full of warmth and love.

Happy Playing!
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