Finding CVL Players in FV2CE

Castleville Legends
Do you remember when CastleVille Legends first debuted? On September 13th 2013 players around the world were asked to push back the gloom, save various heroes, and restore a legendary kingdom. And then it came crashing down on March 31st 2016. Few have found games that even come close to the magical wonder of CVL. While others have moved forward to find a place with other players in the FarmVille 2 Country Escape game.
Castleville Legends
Browsing for a new alliance I found two Co-ops(just like CVL's alliance but for farmers) where players that had been parted from the very first game of Castleville had joined together.
Castleville Legends
I kept going through and found a second group with an appropriately titled name: CVL Refugees Turned Farmers. I think this one is perfectly named for the CVL fans that decided to go into the FV2CE game together. If you're looking for a place with other CastleVille Legends fans these two groups are good to join into as the other players will also share their memories of a game we all knew and loved.

Where ever your game travels have taken you;

Happy Playing.

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